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    How to read an oil can

    Each vehicle takes a different type of oil. Example 10W40, 5W30, 15W40 and 20W50. It is best to call us for advice on this matter before topping up oil as the wrong oil could cause damage to the vehicle.


    Most new batteries in this day and age are maintenance free and sealed units and come with two year warranties. If ever you find the need to replace you battery always make sure it is the specified battery for your make and model of your vehicle.


    On most vehicles tyres are rotatable front to rear. It’s advisable to rotate front to rear and to do balance and alignment every 10 000kms to avoid uneven wear. This is to make sure you get the full life out of your tyres.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does putting extra air in the tyres help tyre wear when carrying extra weight?

    Yes, it does. It prevents the tyre from deformation which causes the tyres to wear wrong and in-turn pulls the car in a different direction.

    What should you do if the engine temperature gauge begins rising during peak-hour traffic?

    Stop your vehicle immediately and switch off the ignition. Then ask for assistance to try move the vehicle to a safer spot. This will avoid further damage to your engine.

    Should you let your car warm up before driving it?

    Yes, this is a good idea. Start your vehicle and let it idle for 5 to 10 minutes every morning to make sure that the is enough oil pressure built up to lubricate your whole engine sufficiently. This will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear in the future.

    What maintenance should be done during long car trips?

    A 73 point safety check is always highly recommended before any long trip to make sure that everything on your vehicle is fastened and in a road worthy condition to have a safe journey and avoid unnecessary break downs. It would also be a good idea to always check oil and water levels on every fuel stop for peace of mind. Don’t forget to check tyre pressures before a long trip as well as after arrival.

    What should you do if the alternator light comes on?

    Unfortunately in this situation your vehicle will eventually drain the battery completely and the car will switch off. If your battery light should ever come on get to a safe place off the road until assistance arrives.

    How much will a service cost?

    Services completely depend on the vehicle. Each vehicle varies in parts and oil/oil capacity and this determine the cost of the service.

    How soon will you get your car back?

    All services and minor repairs such as brake pads and disc skimming will be same day turnaround. Anything more will be quoted for and time advised.

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